Police Department

  • Chief Farley with police car
    West View Police Chief John Farley standing next to a Plymouth Fury West View Police car, May 1967 - donated by Joyce Greiner, granddaughter of Chief Farley
  • Chief Farley at Boot Hill, West View Park
    West View Police Chief John Farley with Adam Armstrong of Edgewood near Boot Hill in West View Park, 1969 - donated by Joyce Greiner, granddaughter of Chief Farley

The West View Police Department is a full-time, full service, 24-hour police department, employing 10 full-time and 2 part-time police officers.

The Department consists of the Police Chief, a Lieutenant, two Sergeants, a Detective, and six patrol officers. Two police officers are on-duty at all times, with their primary duty being to patrol the streets of the borough, enforce laws and ordinances, and assist residents as needed. The police department serves as a liaison between the residents and Borough Council, sharing information and concerns brought to our attention.

The police department maintains four police cars and one Harley Davidson Motorcycle. In addition to motorized vehicles, you will see officers on foot patrol at times promoting safe shopping in West View Plaza or our business district. Several officers are trained in special duties such as crime watch, crime scene investigator, fingerprinting, accident reconstruction, and drug investigators.

Our officers investigate all crimes that occur in West View. Only those requiring extensive investigations or resources beyond our means are referred to outside agencies such as the Allegheny County Police. All calls for assistance, emergency, and non-emergency are handled through Allegheny County Emergency Services, which has the responsibility of receiving calls and dispatching officers as needed.

Thirteen school crossing guards employed by the Police Department see that your children safely cross the streets in the mornings and afternoons while on their way to and from school.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Bruce A. Fromlak Manager / Chief of Police