Mayor Henry Honors Local Hero John L. Boehm at Council Meeting

On September 12th, 2023, while driving along Bellevue Road in Ross Township, Mr. John L. Boehm witnessed the vehicle in front of him suddenly and unexpectedly leave the roadway and crash into a telephone pole, coming to rest on its side.

After witnessing the accident, Mr. Boehm immediately pulled over to help and assess the scene. He began communicating with the driver, who was the lone occupant of the vehicle.

After checking for hazards, including downed wires, Mr. Boehm determined that he could approach the vehicle safely. Mr. Boehm checked to see if the driver had any visible injuries and constantly reassured him as he looked for a way to safely extricate him from the vehicle.

While standing on top of the vehicle, using only his own strength, Mr. Boehm was able to force open a damaged door. He then was able to physically assist the driver into a standing position out of the vehicle. With the driver out of the overturned vehicle, he escorted him to a safe location off the roadway and waited for other first responders to arrive.

At yesterday's council meeting, Mr. Boehm was formally recognized and presented with a certificate of commendation for his heroic and unselfish actions on September 12th, 2023. His swift actions that day helped ensure that the driver and others were not further injured or harmed due to this automobile crash.

Our sincerest thanks to Mr. Boehm for his dedication to unselfishly helping others in their unexpected time of need and for making West View Borough a great place to live!

John Boehm and Mayor Henry

Mr. Boehm and Mayor Henry