ATTENTION RESIDENTS: Waste Management Cart Delivery Notice

Dear Residents of West View Borough:

This notice is to update you regarding Waste Management (WM) and the delivery of the new trash and recycling carts.

Over the next few weeks beginning on Monday, December 4th, 2023, the new trash and recycling carts will be delivered. You will be receiving a postcard any day from Waste Management (WM) indicating that.

Some of the important points for you are highlighted below.

Where do I place my new trash and recycling cart for collection?

The same location that you have always placed them. Carts can be placed out no earlier than 6pm the night before the collection date and should be put away by 6pm the day of collection.

Am I permitted to place additional trash around my new cart for pick up?

Yes, you can but only until January 31st, 2024. After that, all trash must be in the cart, or it will not be collected.

Will I get a new recycling cart?

Yes, you will receive a 64-gallon cart, which will be the only acceptable cart. The old red recycle bins can be repurposed by the resident. The Borough does not require that they be returned.

Can I place glass containers in the recycle bin?

Yes, but please do not place recycled items in any type of bag. FYI Beginning February 1st, 2024, recycling will occur biweekly.

What do I do with my old garbage can?

You can place a note on your old garbage can(s) to have WM take it away.

The 96-gallon cart is entirely too large for my household, can I receive a smaller cart?

Yes, residents may call 412-931-2800 ext. 114 and leave a message and request a onetime trash cart exchange from a larger, ninety-six (96) gallon cart to a sixty-four (64) gallon OR a thirty-five (35) gallon cart.

The Borough now has 35-gallon recycling carts in addition to the 35 and 64-gallon trash carts. You can give us a call if you'd also like a smaller recycling cart.

West Views Department of Public Works (DPW) will collect the larger cart and leave the cart that was requested.

Reminder that all trash must fit in the cart. After January 31st, if trash is not in the cart, it will not be collected. Please keep that in mind when requesting a smaller cart.

For those who feel they may need more than one cart, additional carts can be added to your account for a fee. Do not call the Borough if this is your request. This must be done by calling Waste Management at  844-279-2503 or

There will be a trifold notice coming in the next few weeks from WM that includes this information and additional information. The trifold will include the calendar for dates of collection, phone number for “At Your Door” service for free collection of electronics, paint etc.

Yard Waste collection will continue to be every third (3rd) Saturday from April thru November. All yard waste must be placed in paper yard collection bags.

We thank you for your cooperation and wish you and your family a Happy and Safe Holiday Season!