Information Regarding 2022 Borough Paving Project

As part of this year’s paving project, the following roads in the Borough will be paved starting in July:

  • Ashford Avenue from Westfield Avenue to Glenmore Avenue
  • Burkhart Avenue
  • Wentworth Avenue from Bellevue Avenue to Ashford Avenue
  • Church Way
  • Clairmont Avenue from Lansing Ave to dead end
  • Enon Alley from Bellevue Avenue to Church Way
  • Fenton Alley off of Oakwood Avenue
  • Frankfort Avenue from Park Avenue to dead end
  • Gay Alley off of State Alley
  • Oakwood Avenue from Center Avenue to Fenton Alley
  • Oakwood Avenue from Bell Drive to dead end
  • Parking area 600 block of Center Avenue
  • Ridgewood Avenue from bridge to dead end
  • Spruce Alley off of Curtis Alley
  • Vine Alley off of State Alley
  • 1st Alley off of Kenyon Avenue
  • 11th Alley between Highland Avenue and Georgetown Avenue
  • 12th Alley between Cornell Avenue and Columbia

Continue checking the Borough’s website for more information regarding this year’s paving.